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1. First and foremost, PLEASE send your package out on time!! Many furs here put forth a LOT of effort in making packages for people. It's a shame seeing anybody work real hard on a gift only to get nothing in return. If we do find that you did not send your package out you will be thrown into the Backlist Dungeon and won't be able to participate again until you make a package for your partner.

2. As the saying goes in these groups "Draw as you'd like to be drawn!". If you plan on drawing someone, don't make it looked rushed or turn it into a stick figure or something. It's ok if you are not as skilled as some other folks, but we ask that you at least try making it look pretty ^_^
3. No whining and/or dissing. It's silly, but its SUPER annoying.  No offense, but if you have a problem, please just email the moderator.

4. All members must post to the community when they ship their swap box and when they receive their package. Photos are strongly encouraged ;3

5. Try to get your packages insured. Any lost packages will be the responsibility of the sender. If a package is lost it is also the responsibility of the sender to create a new package for their partner. If however they do not ship out a second package, they will be put in the Backlist Dungeon. It sucks, I know, but unfortunatly it happens sometimes.

6. Please try to avoid sending adult themed items. Its OK if you and your partner don't mind a bit of tasteful nudity in your art and whatnot, but try to keep this community at a G-PG13 rating.

7. Keep in mind what is and isn't appropriate to send. For example, if your partner has an interest in weaponry, it is OK to send them a badge of their character holding a giant gun probably bigger than any normal person could probably even lift. However, it is NOT ok to send actual weaponry of any kind.

8. Last but not least, HAVE FUN! Use your imagination and get  crafty! And remember, this community is not only about making spiffy packages for people, but also about making friends too :3



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