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Ok lets try this

I really like the idea of this community and have not been able to get a response from the mod so...

Who wants to do a round?

I'll wait and see what the response is and then figure out a way to get it going.

Here's hoping :)
So, is this community still alive?

Call To Members (And Poll!)

Okay! We're still waiting for some members to fill out all the info (click here to check it out if you haven't already). If everyone fills out everything real soon we may even be able to start our first round next week. If not, we probably wont start our first round until July (due to Anthrocon and all). So get those surveys filled out!

Otherwise, check this poll!:

Poll #1192914 Next Poll's Theme

What Should Next Swaps Theme Be???

"So cute you could puke!"
Color theme
"Wacky and Weird"
Favorite Quote


Looks like we are getting more furs! YAY!

That means there may be an upcoming round! Anybody have a suggestion on the communities very first round's theme?

Ok, good to join now!

Sorry bout the mix up! Had the community on a closed membership while I was fixing it and forgot to switch it back! If you watched it, just go back and join it again and it should work :3
.:Welcome to the Furry Grab Bag Community!:.

Tired of the same ole' conbadge exchanges? Made everyone an icon already? Love surprises and giving away neato gifts?? Well then the Furry Grab Bag Exchange is the community for you!

Every month here at the Furry Grab Bag Exchange Community participating members will join in a "secret-santa" based exchange and create a pre-chosen themed package (or "grab bag") for their exchange partners.

.:What Can I Find in a "Grab Bag"?:.
Anything! Whether it's a handmade ConBadge or a antique kitten figurine, the possibilities are endless! I'll give you a hint though; each month is a pre-themed swap. This means whatever the chosen theme that month is, expect related items in your package! For example, if this month's theme was the Jungle. In your received package you may find a jungle themed badge of your character, environmentally friendly pencils, a toucan plushie, the possibilities are endless!

If you are interested in joining please go to our profile and check it out :3



Q: Is there a limit on how much I can send?

A: Nope! However, we do ask that you make worth at least around $10 a package. If you are creating a gift (ie: a badge, a mini sculpture, etc), just estimate how much you may charge for that particular piece. Just remember that if you are going to go super extravagant on someone's package, you may not get the return you were thinking about getting, so NO WHINING!

Q: How do I know what my exchange partner likes?

A: Once we email you your exchange partner's LJ Username and email address, just find their user name HERE. Under that should be a survey there LJ Username should answers all those questions :3.

Q: Do I HAVE to participate each month?

A: Nope. That is completely your choice.

Q: What if my partner does not send out the package?

A: :You may feel free to contact them via email and express your feelings. However, for those who do not get their package out by the due date, they will be added to the Backlist Dungeon and will not be able to participate in the swaps until they create a package either for yourself or for another user who was left without a package.

Q: How do I know where to send the packages?

A: We like to keep everybody's email somewhat private. We ask that you ask your swap partner where they would like their package sent to.

If you  have any other questions please feel free to leave a comment here :3




1. First and foremost, PLEASE send your package out on time!! Many furs here put forth a LOT of effort in making packages for people. It's a shame seeing anybody work real hard on a gift only to get nothing in return. If we do find that you did not send your package out you will be thrown into the Backlist Dungeon and won't be able to participate again until you make a package for your partner.

2. As the saying goes in these groups "Draw as you'd like to be drawn!". If you plan on drawing someone, don't make it looked rushed or turn it into a stick figure or something. It's ok if you are not as skilled as some other folks, but we ask that you at least try making it look pretty ^_^
3. No whining and/or dissing. It's silly, but its SUPER annoying.  No offense, but if you have a problem, please just email the moderator.

4. All members must post to the community when they ship their swap box and when they receive their package. Photos are strongly encouraged ;3

5. Try to get your packages insured. Any lost packages will be the responsibility of the sender. If a package is lost it is also the responsibility of the sender to create a new package for their partner. If however they do not ship out a second package, they will be put in the Backlist Dungeon. It sucks, I know, but unfortunatly it happens sometimes.

6. Please try to avoid sending adult themed items. Its OK if you and your partner don't mind a bit of tasteful nudity in your art and whatnot, but try to keep this community at a G-PG13 rating.

7. Keep in mind what is and isn't appropriate to send. For example, if your partner has an interest in weaponry, it is OK to send them a badge of their character holding a giant gun probably bigger than any normal person could probably even lift. However, it is NOT ok to send actual weaponry of any kind.

8. Last but not least, HAVE FUN! Use your imagination and get  crafty! And remember, this community is not only about making spiffy packages for people, but also about making friends too :3




-LJ name:

-Valid email address:

-Character Name:



-Links to reference pictures (full URL please):

-Tell us a little about yourself. (ie: what are your interests/hobbies/likes/what you do/etc)?:

-What do you not want to see in your "Gift Bag"/What are your dislikes?:


When you are finished filling out all the information, please send an email to FurryGiftbagswap@gmail.com and answer the following questions:

1.) Your LJ Name
2.) Your full mailing address (including the country you are in):
3.) Your Birthdate (Month/Day/Year or if you prefer, just Month/Day)
4.) Will you be interested in shipping internationally?