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.:The Furry Gift Bag Exchange:.

A different Kind of Swap

Furry Grab Bag Exchange
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Furry grab bag exchange!
We are wating on more members! Hopefully we can start our first round within the next month! JOIN TODAY! ^_^

.:Welcome to the Furry Grab Bag Community!:.

Tired of the same ole' conbadge exchanges? Made everyone an icon already? Love surprises and giving away neato gifts?? Well then the Furry Grab Bag Exchange is the community for you!

Every month here at the Furry Grab Bag Exchange Community participating members will join in a "secret-santa" based exchange and create a pre-chosen themed package (or "grab bag") for their exchange partners.

.:What Can I Find in a "Grab Bag"?:.
Anything! Whether it's a handmade ConBadge or a antique kitten figurine, the possibilities are endless! I'll give you a hint though; each month is a pre-themed swap. This means whatever the chosen theme that month is, expect related items in your package! For example, if this month's theme was the Jungle. In your received package you may find a jungle themed badge of your character, environmentally friendly pencils, a toucan plushie, the possibilities are endless!

.:How to I Join?!:.

First and foremost...

...then follow these easy steps...

1. Request to join the community (click the "click here" at the top of the Community Info)

2. Wait and see whether or not you get accepted into the community (just so we can make sure you are not a troll or a robot). Remember, this community is exclusively for furs only ;3

3. Once you've been added, please fill out this short survey HERE so that your swap partner knows what you like, dislike, and any other information necessary for swapping (especially your character information!).

If you're still unsure of something, please feel free to check out our F.A.Q page.